Prevent Problems in Every Season

We offer year-round HVAC maintenance in Stone Harbor & Wildwood, New Jersey

Winter, fall and spring each bring different challenges for your HVAC system. Bowman's Cooling & Heating Inc can keep your system working properly with regular HVAC maintenance. Many Stone Harbor & Wildwood, New Jersey residents move away for the winter. If you leave Wildwood during the colder months, we can perform an HVAC checkup on your property to make sure your home is taken care of while you're gone. Our team will make sure your thermostat and heating system are working during cold weather and call you to decide on a plan of action if we find any problems.

Let us be your eyes when you aren't here by signing up for HVAC checkup services in Stone Harbor & Wildwood, New Jersey.

Avoid HVAC problems in the spring and fall

Avoid HVAC problems in the spring and fall

You can get HVAC maintenance during the transitional months to keep your system working at peak efficiency. In the spring we'll check out your heat pump and air conditioner components and variables, including:

  • Operating current
  • Supply voltage
  • Refrigerant levels and pressures
  • Compressor and run capacitors
We'll also tighten electrical connections, clean your condenser coil and lubricate condenser fan bearings. When fall arrives, our team will:
  • Clean or replace your filter
  • Clean your blower wheel and inspect and adjust the burner
  • Clean your evaporator coil and check its fin condition
  • Clean and inspect the drain lines and pan
  • Lubricate unsealed lower fan motor and blower bearings
  • Check and adjust fan belt tension and condition
  • Check for excessive attic air leakage
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